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Walk Leaders:

Chelsea was born and raised in Eugene Oregon. She has a B.S. in environmental science with an emphasis on ecology. Her career has included lepidoptera surveys at Crater Lake National Park, botany and ecology surveys in Burns and Lake County, wildlife surveys in the Oregon coast range, silviculture surveys in the Cascades, and in 2022 she accepted a position as a wildlife biologist for the BLM Siuslaw Field Office

David Kennedy has worked in the woods of northwest Oregon looking for all manner of terrestrial and aquatic species for near 25 years. Somewhere in there he managed to get a couple of degrees, a BS in Geology (SIUC) and Masters in Environmental Management (PSU). He currently supports the Northwest Oregon District BLM as a wildlife biologist, interpreting the various rules and guidance that informs the governmental actions in his office.

Directions: Meadowlark Prairie

From downtown Eugene take West 11th for roughly 6 miles, then turn right on Green Hill Rd. for roughly 0.8 miles, the destination will be on your right.

About the Walk:

We will discuss the unique wetland habitat types and the special status wildlife species that depend on the different habitat types found at West Eugene Wetlands.

For questions, please contact: 

Isabel Justiniano, Programs Coordinator for the Willamette Resources and Educational Network (WREN) at info@wewetlands.org or call 541-338-7047.